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Sunday, September 12th, 2004
2:27 pm - awesome

i for one cannot wait for the 16th of october. i really really really need a fix. sneaky g, we miss you!!!!!!!!!!

you all better go to the show. or else.........something will happen.....
i got my ticket. now you get yours.

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Tuesday, September 7th, 2004
10:09 pm - SHOW

alright kids, Sneaky G has scheduled a show again. this one is October 16th. mark it on your calanders bitches. it's the first time in like two months you guys will be able to get your Sneaky G fix, and it's alex's birthday, so everyone needs to show up. it's at the AOH with Little Yellow Box, Egon Strangler, Grandpa's Peanut Butter, Acrisius, and I Am The End. contact dylan (The Ball Of Gun) for tickets and more information, he is booking the show.


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Saturday, July 31st, 2004
3:30 pm

greetings. i have just received word that there will be a show this friday (august 6th). it is at the american legion hall in greenwood lake (not monroe). it might seem far, but it's only about 10 minutes past the american legion in monroe. the show shall consist of the following bands: Oedipus Complex, Wonder Brownie, Poison Youth, Not Quite Famous, and of course the fantastic Sneaky G. doors open at 6. this will officially be our last show before nick and alex pack their bags and head off to college, so i expect everyone to be at this show. that's it for now, everyone do your best to spread the word about the show, let's make this a huge one.

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Friday, June 25th, 2004
11:22 pm - We are awesome

Last night, June 24, 2004, Sarah Block, Brianne Lugo, and myself, Meg Kling, attended Incubus' first concert back in the states, and had an indescribable experience.

I just happened to have all of my cds with me, one of them being Sneaky G-Bandwidth. So we took the cd and wrote a note explaining that Sneaky G is very Incubus inspired and whatnot.

We then proceeded to the show and made friends with a security guard who then proceeded to put the cd on stage. In between Sparta and Incubus, one of Incubus' roadies picked it up and took it with care. So someone traveling with Incubus right now has possession the Sneaky G cd.

We are awesome. But I need another cd. :)


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Sunday, June 6th, 2004
8:08 pm - dreams of the g

Last night I had this dream that Sneaky G was playing at this nature/amusement park. They were setting up to play on this hill that if you stood on it you were in the US and Canada at the same time. Alex told me to get quarters so i went down the hill to this cafe and asked all these old Canadian ladies who didnt speak English for them and they gave me Canadian quarters and complained how loud Sneaky G was but said that Alex was really polite. I gave the quarters to Alex and then all the guys went to put them under the pavement on the highway so that the metal in road wouldnt mess up their amps.

Another Sneaky G dream I had was the day before the battle of the bands and in it they were playing Feast For Friends and the part on the cd where theres the guns from the video game they pulled out guns and everyone was in the videogame. That was pretty cool.

Anyone have any dreams to share?

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6:13 pm - News in the G world

been a while since i posted here. ok, the show that was supposed to happen yesterday at the american legion pavilion did not go down due to the weather. morgan was worried about either people getting hurt or the equipment getting damaged, so she decided the best thing to do was to cancel it. then, of course, it didn't really rain. from what i understand it will be rescheduled... or maybe it has... or something. check out their website for more info on that, i'm lazy.
sneaky g will now be louder than we have been previously, we recently purchased two 300 watt 4x12 cabinets and a head for the guitars. that's twice as much power as each of our amps that we've been using is able to dish out. and now we don't have to borrow them from our friends anymore, so that's nice.
i think that's all for now, i might remember something and post again later. keep rockin

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Friday, May 28th, 2004
10:23 pm - Good Job

To everyone who went to the talent show and supported Sneaky-G, you are all awesome. if you were there then i dont need to tell you this, but if youwerent well, Sneaky G, as usual rocked. but this was a different type of rock. they definitely expanded their own horizons and never cease to amaze me. especially with what they did last night, it was just something you wouldnt expect. it really showed true musicality and willingness to try anything. so good job boys. you totally rocked the show. and congratulations to demi for kicking ass.

~meg and bri

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Wednesday, May 5th, 2004
8:22 pm

quick update on all things G:

Show at the aoh saturday, may 8th. $10, doors open at 6:30. bands include the almighty sneaky g, wonder brownie, poison youth, obstruction of you, and partangular rocket. this is gonna be one rockin show featuring the some of the best in monroe, i expect everyone to be there and support the bands.
also, may 27th is this year's talent show. note that it is on a thursday, not a friday. apparently something else was booked already and friday isn't an option, so thursday it is. sneaky g and friends will be there, so again, show up and have a good time.
i think there's only one other thing worth mentioning at this point in time, which is that we will be recording again shortly. we wrote an incredulous song last night, bringing our total of new songs to three. you guys have heard one already, we may or may not play the other two new ones at the show on saturday. i'm not sure if we'll be releasing these three songs on cd or not, but as of right now they will definately be available for downloading.

questions, comments? lemme know here


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Saturday, May 1st, 2004
11:30 pm

ok, i have a question for you guys. i just read sarah's entry and i noticed that she mentioned Not Quite Famous. who the hell are these guys? i've seen stickers and such, they even drew their name out in chalk at the skating area in smith clove. from what i can tell, they haven't played any shows and i have no idea what they sound like, who is in it, etc etc. i'm not trying to be insulting to the band, i just have no idea who they are. if anyone can enlighten me, please do. thanks.


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3:56 pm - Here I stand with broken limbs and open eyes.

Hello fellow friends of the G. Whats happening?

Well as you may well be aware, the AV talent show is on its way. I have been wondering what awesome surprises Sneaky G will have this year. (Can anything beat Stomp?) A month or so ago, Alex told me he couldnt say what they were doing because i t was top secret, but he gave me a hint of "koalas and palm trees." I dont know if Sneaky G is sticking with this original plan but im excited to see what it will be.

Also, I have been going through the cards where people sign up to audition for the talent show and I was happy to see 3 or 4 underclassmen bands signed up. I mean I dont know what ill do when sneaky g is gone and how the talent shows/coffee houses will be so awesome after this year, but its nice to see other bands stepping up.

Has anyone heard some of the bands without seniors (wonderbrownie, not quite famous, etc.)? Any possibilities of any degree of awesomeness?


-sarah bizzle fo sheeze

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Monday, April 26th, 2004
8:53 pm

thank you to everyone who came to rhythm and rhyme and sarah's birthday party. we had a blast at both events. rhythm and rhyme was an awesome night, everyone was great. unfortunately the show was cancelled on saturday as noted in a previous entry, but on sunday the party was still on. thanks to sarah for letting us rock, even though we were without our singer, nick. he's a sick kid. anyway, the show that was cancelled is either being rescheduled, or morgan is going to let us pick a day that we would like to play, so the show will be made up. our next show is still a few weeks away, may 8th. everyone go check out yee chen's band "demi" this saturday, may 1st. they will be playing at the aoh i believe. for more information on their show and ours on may 8th, the best place to go is www.ocsucks.tk. as always, if any of you guys have any miscellaneous questions pertaining to sneaky g, ask away. let's see more people post interesting things on this community, it's been kinda dull so far. comments, ideas, anything is appreciated. recruite more people to join, and above all, be as awesome as you possibly can!


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Saturday, April 24th, 2004
12:54 pm

ok, from what i understand there WILL NOT BE A SHOW AT THE AOH TONIGHT. unfortunately we can't hold it at going 2 extremes because of permit reasons, and something else is already booked tonight at the aoh. thus, we have no place to put on the show tonight. sorry about the confusion.


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Thursday, April 22nd, 2004
5:07 pm - shows

just a reminder to everyone, sneaky g and friends will be performing at the rhythm and rhyme cafe tomorrow night at the high school. if you haven't gotten a ticket already, sorry, they're sold out. if you have one, awesome, we'll see you there!
saturday- show at the AOH, NOT at going 2 extremes. doors open at 6:30 i think, i'm too lazy to check the details for it right now so check out www.ocsucks.tk for more information. it's 80's night, dress up if you do the 80's.
sunday is sarah block's birthday party. that will be a rockin set, for everyone who is attending, we have some pretty sweet surprises in store for you.

that's it for now, peace

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Tuesday, April 13th, 2004
11:19 pm - jumping on the bandwagon


yes, i have decided to conform. and to prove my worthiness, i present to you, my battlescars of saturday, april 10th.


( i assure you that those are my knees, which were more swollen and purple on saturday. but seeing as i'ts almost wednesday, they have lost some of their awesomeness.)


thank you sneaky g, for giving me the opportunity of having such amazing wounds.

<3 mandy

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3:57 pm

actually the cd is orgasmic, i forgot to add that.



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3:54 pm - the cd

hello fellow sneaky g fans.
i would just like to state the obvious,
the sneaky g cd bandwidth is very good. no, its actually really really good. i played it for my uncle who is a drummer in a band that just got a record deal out in oregon and he was like "they're a local band? they're pretty good. i can see them doing better than some of the bands today." just a fun fact. the boys of g truly are amazing.


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